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Friday, June 4, 2010


Before the start of the House construction, in addition to digging the well / borewell and constructing the storage shed, it is necessary to construct the Compound wall to protect the site from animals, thieves, etc. and to demarcate the boundary of the property.  


Here, I have explained the Vaastu Guidelines for Construction of the Compound Wall.

  • Compound Wall: The third thing to be constructed  after the Water Well and the Storage Shed is the Compound Wall. This should be built just before the construction of the House begins. The purpose of the Compound wall is to protect the site and the material stored in the Storage shed, from the outside environment, from thieves, etc. However, if there are buildings all around the site, the Compound wall can be done after the construction. 
  • Start construction: Begin Compound wall construction in the South-East corner on an auspicious day. The Northern part of Compound wall should be built last.
  • Thickness: The compound wall should be thicker in the South and West sides.
  • Height of compound wall: The Compound wall should not be taller than the house. It should be two-thirds the height of the main door.
  • Height on different sides: The Compound walls on the North and East sides should be a foot (12 inches) shorter than on the West and South sides. If this is not possible, then the North and East sides should be a minimum of (3 inches) shorter.
  • Number of gates: Two gates are preferrable, a big gate for the car to enter and a smaller gate which is easier to handle near the entrance.
  • Gates in corners: Avoid gates in the extreme corners. It is inconvenient to open and close a gate that is fixed to the corners of the wall.
  • Gate and entrance door: The main gate and the entrance door should face the same direction as it is easier to locate the door if the door is also facing the same direction as the gate.
  • Avoid a gate in the South side.
  • Gate opening: Gates should open clockwise.
This post was about the Construction of the Compound wall. Read about the next Stage of Construction:

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