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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


  Vitrified Tiles are better choice than Ceramic tiles as they undergo a process called  vitrification which makes them more durable, hard and impenetrable to water. High quality vitrified tiles have a lot of benefits over natural Marble and Granite tiles and hence are very popular in residences nowadays.

Here, I have described the characteristics of Vitrified tiles along with my rating. The overall rating will help you compare Vitrified with other floor options.

Composition: Vitrified tiles are made by fusing silica and clay. The mixture is then heated to high - fiery temperatures, which results in a non - porous tile with glass - like texture. Unlike Ceramic tiles, the vitrified tile doesn't need additional glaze to be added on to it.
Occurrence: Vitrified  tiles are man-made. * 7
Physical Characteristics:Vitrified tiles possess much better mechanical strength and scratch-resistance compared to Marble or natural Granite and are easy to clean. * 8
Seamless flooring: Vitrified tiles have grout lines between them and so the floor does not have a seamless appearance. * 7
Porosity: Vitrified tiles are totally impenetrable to water. * 8
Scratches: Vitrified tiles are more durable and scratch resistant than Marble. * 9
Stains: Vitrified tiles are stain-resistant. *8
Choices: Wide range of colours, patterns, textures is available in Vitrified tiles. * 8
Cost: Vitrified tiles are cheaper than  Marble and Granite. * 8
Maintenance: Vitrified tiles are easy to maintain because of the shiny surface. *9
Green rating: Vitrified tiles are not a green option as they are manufactured in factories and a lot of carbon dioxide is released into the environment during their manufacture. * 6


Very durable: in comparison to Ceramic, Marble and Granite.
Consistency: Being machine-made products, Vitrified tiles are consistent in sizes, shades and thickness.
Quality: Being man-made, the quality of Vitrified tiles can be guaranteed and is not a matter of chance - tiles that do not meet standards are simply not packaged and sold.
Laying and Setting time: They are easier to install and need practically no setting time or polishing after laying.
Thickness: Vitrified tiles are half the thickness of  Marble, Granite and other natural materials.
Bright: Glossy vitrified tiles reflect much more brightness in a room while matt tiles underplay excess light.
Colour permanence: Direct exposure to sunlight will neither alter the colour of the tiles nor cause them to fade.
Non-porous: Vitrified tiles have very less water absorption index and are stain resistant.
Hygiene: Being moisture resistant, Vitrified tiles prevent bacteria and fungi from growing.
Easy to Clean: One of the biggest benefits of Vitrified tiles is that they are very easy to clean and maintain.
Cost Effective: Vitrified tiles are cheaper than many other types of flooring.
Wide range and choice: Vitrified tiles are available in many colours, patterns, designs, sizes.
Installation: Tiles need to be installed by an expert tile layer to ensure thin, even and neat  joints between the tiles.
Repair: The tile with the defect must be cut away along the grout lines and surrounding material could be damaged in the process.
Slippery: Vitrified tiles are slippery when wet.
Grout Maintenance: Every year or two, the grout must be resealed or it will begin to look dirty.
Not a green option: Vitrified tiles are not environment friendly as the process of making them causes a significant expenditure of energy and carbon dioxide.
Because they are cost effective, easy to clean, water-resistant and very durable, vitrified tiles are suitable in houses and public spaces as flooring, wall covering, back-splash, benchtops and showers. However vitrified tiles look artificial. In comparison other man-made options like concrete which has a more earthy feel and terrazzo which looks elegant are available. A very cost-effective flooring option is resilient flooring.
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  1. There are lots of tiles available for the decoration of home but vitrified tiles are the best option for floor tiles


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