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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


According to Vaastu Shastra, the entire universe exists in endless space and has no direction whatsoever. However, on Earth our directions are defined with respect to the Sun. 

Vastu Shastra identifies eight cardinal directions on which all are activities are based, each of which has a particular significance.

According to Vaastu, all the eight directions are governed by different gods who have their own respective influences on human beings as described below. If the living and working spaces are oriented according to these directions, they have a direct positive influence on the residents. 

Here, I have explained  the eight cardinal directions and the preferred rooms in each direction, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • East (Purva) is ruled by the Sun God or Surya: The East, from where the Sun rises represents the essence of all beginnings. It is recommended that the main doors and windows of a house face East.
  • North (Uttara) is ruled by the god of wealth, Kubera : The North is the direction of the Pole star, the fixed point in the sky that denotes stability and security. Hence, this is the direction to transact all business and so the main door and Living room can be placed here. Open spaces can be placed here as well.
  • North-East (Eeshanya): This direction is considered to be the direction of the Supreme Being. Hence it is suggested that there be no dirt, garbage, heavy structure or toilets or bathrooms in this direction. It is preferable to have the Well or water source in this direction.
  • West (Paschima) is governed by the god of water, Varuna: As the sun dims we are reminded of endings, the unknown and darkness. The West or Paschima should be avoided for sleeping. However, Bathrooms, Toilets, Staircases, Store rooms can be placed here. Trees can be planted here.
  • North-West (Vaayavya) is the direction of the wind God, Vaayu: Vaastu recommends placing Toilets, Garages, Pantry in this direction.
  • South (Dakshina) is the direction of Yama, the god of death: The South represents the past and our ancestry. Guest and Children's Bedrooms can be placed here. No open space like gardens, Balconies, Terraces should be in this direction.
  • South-West (Nairutya) is the direction of Nairuthi or dissolution: This is the direction where the owner of the building should have his Master Bedroom, Wardrobes, Safe.
  • South-East (Aagneya) is the direction of Agni, the god of fire: This is the direction of heat and high levels of energy. It is advised that all cooking and Kitchen related activity be in this direction.
Vaastu Shastra lays down principles on the location, direction and disposition of  buildings, so that humans can absorb the positive effects of the Earth's Energy field, throughout the day which will in turn ensure enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

This post is about the Vaastu Shastra Factor | Eight Cardinal directions, and their effects on living beings and building structures. Read  about another Vastu Shastra Factor that affects us and our buildings, namely:
Vaastu Shastra is a rational science based on facts, observations and governed by a set of principles. To understand the logic and reasoning of these Vaastu principles, go to Vastu Factor | Cardinal Directions 

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  1. It has been great reading your blog regarding House construction in India. Do you have any suggestions for house construction in USA? Do the same rules apply or do they change depending on latitudes and longitudes? It will be great if you can provide some information.
    Thanks, Mythreyee


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