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Saturday, June 9, 2012


A platform bed is a  raised, flat, hard wooden or metal platform on which a mattress is placed. It does not have a box spring and in many cases, no head or foot board. Because there is no box spring, a platform bed is usually very low set. 
A platform bed is a “minimalist” bed, ideal for people who prefer spacious but simple rooms.


  • Structure: A Platform bed has a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface, meant to support just a mattress. The platform is raised on legs or a support structure and does not contain any springs. Usually there are a number of individual slats criss-crossing between the edges of the outer frame. This helps to reduce the weight of the bed and also gives it a small degree of “springiness” that can make it a more comfortable piece of bedroom furniture than you might expect.
  • Material: Platform beds are made from different materials such as wood and metal.
  • Mattress:  A platform bed is often used with a simple high quality futon mattress and for extra comfort, a modern foam mattress can be used. However you should be aware that some mattresses can be used only on a solid plank and a slatted surface might not be acceptable. 
  • Attachments: Some platform beds have additions such as headboards, footboards, canopies, extra flourishes and storage units. The storage area can either be in unison with the bed frame or can have rolling drawers attached to it, supported by castors.

  • Contemporary Platform Bed:  A contemporary platform bed has low features with straight bold lines and colour contrasts that give a dramatic effect to the room as a whole. 
  • Japanese or Asian:  Though platform beds are mostly designed in the European style, some also draw inspiration from the Asian style. For instance, there are beds similar to the traditional Japanese tatami mats.

  • Traditional and Transitional:  For people who are fond of the traditional look, a traditional headboard is incorporated so that the bed looks traditional, yet contemporary. These beds beautifully infuse the traditional and conventional aspect of designing, in a contemporary platform bed.
  • Storage Platform Beds: Though Platform beds are generally low set, beds with storage space underneath the frame are also popular. The storage drawers may be located beneath the side rails or maybe  incorporated into the foot-board of the bed. In other types, beds with a retractable storage headboard offer a deep storage within.

Platform beds are popular for a variety of reasons:
  • Design: The platform bed can be successfully incorporated into a variety of themes,The sleek, minimalist design works well with both a traditional Zen or Japanese theme as well as with a more modern, contemporary look.
  • Light: They are less bulky and therefore often easier to move around than some traditional beds of the same size. 
  • Comfort: It offers the users a comfortable good night’s sleep, without them ending up with back pains or numb muscles in the morning.
  • Stability: The sturdy platform of the platform bed is more stable which means that a platform bed would be more secure to sleep on and will be less likely to collapse, than its counterparts.
  • Do-it-yourself: Platform beds are also popular with ‘do-it yourself’ enthusiasts. Assembling or building a platform bed is not too difficult a project as so many kits and plans are available online.
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