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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Trundle Bed  is essentially a bed on wheels, rollers or casters that can be rolled out from beneath an upper bed. So, a trundle bed is a space saver that allows an extra bed to be made available when unexpected guests arrive.

Trundle beds can either be bought on their own or can come built-into a standard bed. Trundle beds do not usually have box springs and they may or may not come complete with a suitable mattress.

There are different types to suit different needs and budgets such as single beds, twin beds and full size ones and can vary from basic to more sophisticated ones:
  • Basic type: The simplest trundle is a low bedframe on wheels with no extra sophistication. This type serves the purpose but leaves the sleeper almost on the ground.
  • Pop-up type: In this type, the lower trundle bed can “pop-up” to be at the same height as the bed it is stored beneath, creating a regular-height bed. Sometimes this “popping” is spring assisted, sometimes it requires manual operation.
  • Drawer type:  Some beds have a specially designed “drawer” underneath, which can serve as a trundle bed. However these built-in products are usually not pop-up versions and cannot usually be removed from the main bed and re-positioned.

  • An extra bed: A Trundle bed is an easy way of providing a spare bed at the time of necessity, without blocking the space constantly. 
  • A space saver: A  Trundle bed allows the room to be spacious during the day and provides an extra bed at night. It serves as a great solution for children’s ’sleepover’ parties as it gives the children the opportunity to play about freely in the room and enjoy time with friends, without feeling cramped.
  • Ideal for bigger families: In houses with few bedrooms but more inmates, the trundle bed comes in handy.
  • Better than a bunk bed in kids rooms: Easy to handle and simple to maintain, these beds are sturdy unlike bunk beds, thereby resolving the safety concerns for the children. 
  • A storage drawer: When a trundle bed is not used for sleeping, the mattress of the lower bed can be removed and it can be used as a general storage drawer.
People often buy a trundle bed to provide extra bed space for overnight guests or for children’s “sleepover” parties. When a trundle bed is not used for sleeping, the mattress of the lower bed can be removed and it can be used as a general storage drawer. In selecting a Trundle bed, keep in mind the following points:
  • Design:  Trundle beds come in many sizes and designs. A given trundle will not necessarily fit under any existing bed – you can’t just go out and buy a new trundle bed and expect it to fit! So it is important to check the specifications carefully. Similarly, check the size of the room. A queen-sized  trundle bed might not fit well in a small room, aesthetically speaking and the opposite is also true.
  • Material: The bed could be made out of wood entirely or feature metal or both. In deciding the right bed, personal taste is the supreme judge but think about durability and ease of cleaning, besides how well it is matched with the existing bed.
  • Usage: If you need a trundle bed that will see intensive use, go for a pop-up model, which offers good support and also looks better when the trundle is in use. Otherwise, a bed with a pull-out drawer would suffice. When not used, it serves as a storage drawer.
  • Cost: A resistant, comfortable, high utility and attractive looking trundle bed does not necessarily be expensive. Usually, a fine compromise between those aspects can be found in the mid-price range. 
  • Health:  Trundle beds are a good alternative for those who have back problems. Naturally, you should look for appropriate mattresses. 
  • Research: This part is fundamental to your well being, both physically and financially. Check the Internet for reviews, if you plan on buying something online. Go from shop to shop and ask the sellers everything in order to get as much info as you can. Make sure you know exactly what you’re buying – are you getting just the frame or does it come complete with mattress? Also, carefully look at the warranty and at the company’s history.
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