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Thursday, November 29, 2012


About one third of our lives are spent sleeping and most of the time we are asleep, we are sleeping in a bedroom. Therefore, the bedroom needs to be a comfortable and soothing space. 

But if it is small or cramped, then you will never feel like relaxing in it.  A small bedroom can be a challenge but if treated well, it can feel cozy and comforting. So, here are some ideas to help you make the most of your small bedroom.

CLUTTER: A room with too many things will feel very cramped. In a small bedroom, remove all the extra furniture like dressers, night tables, and entertainment centers.  Keep only the basics so that when you enter the room, there is an illusion of space.

BEDS: A bedroom is named so, because it always has a bed. The bed is usually the focal point in the bedroom. If you have a large bed in a small room, you will instantly feel cramped and uncomfortable. So consider having a smaller bed or space saving beds like Bunk Beds, Murphy Beds, Futons or Sofa Beds.
OTHER FURNITURE: Large furniture pieces make a room look small. Choose two or three mandatory pieces of furniture of a scaled-down size that is appropriate to the room. Buy furniture that can be placed along the walls, so that they project less into the room. Choose rectilinear furniture instead of curved, since curved furniture tends to take up more space.

WARDROBES: Minimize the use of floor to ceiling wardrobes as it consumes lot of space and makes the bedroom look smaller. Design wardrobes in such a way that they have separate space for hanging clothes, lots of shelves and drawers for storing other items also. Fit sliding doors rather than hinged doors. Use mirrored shutters and decorative mirrors on walls to make the room more spacious.
STORAGE: Store children's small toys in roll-out, under bed storage drawers. A bench with a flip open seat can double up as a storage space to hold magazines, and books. To help keep your bedroom clutter free, use decorative baskets in a bookshelf or wall unit to keep small items that need not be seen. Provide high level cabinets to store the articles which are occasionally used.
TV: Having a TV in your bedroom is based on personal preference.  If you decide to have a TV consider a flat screen type that can be mounted on the wall or will take up minimal space on a dresser.  For those that prefer a stereo to a TV, opt for an MP3 stereos that connects to your MP3 or an go in for an i-pod.
COLOURS: Dark colours in a small room can make your bedroom feel like a cave. Use lighter colours on the walls and ceiling which open up the space visually and which are very pleasing to the eyes.  Select shades like white and cream which are relaxing at night and refreshing and comforting during the day. Avoid dark colours like blue, green and mauve. However, if you like dark colours, use them in accessories like throw pillows, area rugs and accents in drapery and bed linen. Light coloured floors are also preferable.

CEILING: Dark ceilings  make a room close in on you. Therefore, in a small bedroom use a lighter colour on the ceiling to fool the eye into the illusion of space. Tray ceilings in bedrooms are another option. The basic purpose of a tray ceiling is to break up an ordinary flat ceiling and add a variation in height to create interest. A tray ceiling can also create a feeling of spaciousness by making a low ceiling look higher.
WINDOWS:  Bring in as much natural light as possible to illuminate the space and improve your mood. Use light drapes on the windows. Keep the colours of the curtains or blinds similar to the walls.

LIGHTING: Install lighting fixtures closer to your bed. They will be easier to maintain and make the area around the bed appear more spacious. Use a combination of accent, ambient and fluorescent lighting as they create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere.

DRAW ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE SMALL ROOM: If you have a nice piece of artwork, place it above the bed and draw the eye away from the rest of the room.  Or if you have an antique dresser that looks great, add a colorful vase to adorn the top.  Use your imagination to accentuate the positives in your room and distract from the small nature of your bedroom.

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