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Sunday, September 21, 2014


RESILIENT MATERIALS FOR FLOORS: These include resilient materials like linoleum, vinyl, rubber and carpet. They are much cheaper than Natural or Man-made materials and can be laid very easily and quickly.
LINOLEUM FLOOR: Linoleum is attractive, cheap, highly durable, comfortable and can be easily cleaned. It reduces noise to a considerable extent and can be easily replaced. Therefore it is used in residential buildings, restaurants, railway carriage, pubic transport buses, hospitals, schools, libraries, offices etc.
VINYL (PVC) FLOOR: Vinyl flooring is economical, waterproof, easy-to-clean, bacteria-free, hard wearing, durable, unbreakable, slip-resistant, flexible and easy to install. Due to these advantages, Vinyl flooring is a popular choice in homes, public areas and areas with high traffic or high amounts of moisture, etc.

RUBBER FLOOR: This flooring is elastic, attractive, noiseless, sanitary, comparatively warm, soft, available in different colours and patterns, in both sheet and tile forms. It is used mostly in bathrooms, hospitals, X-ray rooms, laboratories, amusement parks, etc., where a non-conducting floor is required.

CARPET :Carpet and rug flooring are a good and popular option in areas which are extremely cold. Carpets make the room cozy and warm and are soft, noiseless and the most cost-effective floor covering to replace and upgrade.