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Monday, May 17, 2010


Colours are known to influence the human mind and body as they have the ability to either depress or exhilarate. Our body absorbs colour energy through the vibration each colour gives off and these energies help to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul.
Even in ancient times, people were aware of the positive effect of colours. So, Vastu Shastra has laid down guidelines on choosing the right colours for your house.

In Vedic periods, all colours were obtained from vegetables and flowers. Though the options were far less than what are available today, they were more permanent, soothing to the eye and more natural in appearance. Today there are so many colours to choose from. But this makes the the choice of  the right colour scheme for your house, a difficult task. This is where Vaastu Shastra comes to your aid. According to Vaastu, there are three methods that can be adopted for choosing  colours for a house, namely:

  • Referring the zodiac sign of the owner;
  • Direction that the rooms/building face;
  • Amount of light in the room.

    1.  ZODIAC SIGN OF THE OWNER:  In the first and most commonly followed method, the colour schemes are selected in conformance with the raashi (constellation / zodiac sign) of the owner to bring good luck and happiness.

    • Aries - Coral red
    • Taurus - Milky white
    • Gemini - Green
    • Cancer - Rose red, pearl white
    • Leo - Ruby red, dim white
    • Virgo - Emerald green
    • Libra - Cement color, milky white
    • Scorpio - Pink, coral red
    • Sagittarius - Golden yellow
    • Capricorn - Dim red
    • Aquarius - Pink, blue
    • Pisces - Yellow, pure white

    Yellow and white are the ideal colours for a 'piscean'.

    2.  DIRECTION THE BUILDING FACES: In the second method, the colour scheme is chosen according to the direction the building/room faces. Each direction is associated with a particular colour, which is actually the colour of the planet governing that direction. It is advisable to use the recommended colours for different directions to enhance good luck, health and wealth.
    • EAST : is ruled by the Sun. The preferred colour is DARK BROWN which gives purity.
    • SOUTH-EAST : is ruled by Venus. The preferred colour is WHITE which gives beauty, charm and luck.
    • SOUTH : is ruled by Mars. The ideal colour here is RED which gives aggression. However this is preferred only for fire stations or police stations and not for houses.
    • SOUTH-WEST: is ruled by Rahu. The suitable colour here is BLUE which gives courage.
    • WEST : is ruled by Saturn. The colour preferred here is GREY which gives satisfaction and maturity.
    • NORTH : is ruled by Mercury. The colour suitable for this direction is GREEN as this gives intelligence and wealth.
    • NORTH-WEST: is governed by the moon. The ideal colour here is WHITE as it denotes purity and wealth.
    • NORTH-EAST: is represented by Jupiter. The ideal colour here is YELLOW as it stands for piety and purity.
     A room facing South-West should have more blue.

    In the third method, you have to consider the amount of light and warmth available in a room. Since blue is a cool shade and red is a warm colour, people often feel cold in a blue room and warm in a red room. It is the colour that makes them feel that way. Similarly, light colours and whites reflect light and make a room brighter. So when painting rooms of a house, one must keep these points in mind. Accordingly;
    • A Room with poor daylight: should be painted with light colours.
    • A Room with lot of natural light throughout the day: can be painted in some deep color.
    • A Room that gets direct sunlight: It is not advisable to paint the walls yellow or peach.
    • A Room that has only a North window which admits cold light: Avoid the use of blue on the walls.
    • Ceilings: It is preferrable to paint ceilings white since  the ceiling temperature should be less than the human body temperature.
    A room with lot of natural light can have deep colours.

    Thus you can see that, even in Vaastu, colours were used to improve the sense of well-being and happiness for the residents. They are  easy to use, easy to apply and the quickest and cheapest option to create change in a room. So go ahead and make that change in your life. To know more about the effects of each colour and the preffered Vastu colours for the interiors of a house, go to:

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