Before the start of the Construction of the Building, it is necessary to be prepared for the actual construction. Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines to be well prepared before construction actually starts.

According to Vaastu Shastra, you should ensure that the following steps, mentioned in the order given here,

  • Determination of Site Orientation: The directions of the Site should be determined with the help of a Compass. If the axis of the Site is not parallel to the Earth's magnetic axis (North-South axis), then the angle of tilt should be measured. All the corners of the plot should be 90 degree-aligned and the Compound wall should be constructed only after the proper alignment of the corners.
  • Clearing of Site: The next thing to be done is to clear the Site of all the dirt, stones, debris, thorny bushes, shrubs etc.
  • Vastu Pooja: After the Site is cleared, the first ritual, named 'Vaastu pooja' or 'Bhoomi pooja' should be done before starting the construction. This is ritualistic and should be done at an auspicious time and on an auspicious day, as fixed by your astrologer. The pooja should be done in the North-East corner of the site.
  • Soil test: Two pits of size 2'x2'x2' each should be dug at the Site, preferably in the place where the sump is going to be located. Fill up one of the pits with the dug-up soil. If some soil is left over after filling, the land isgood. If there is no soil left after filling up, it is average. If the hole is not fully filled, it is not good. Fill up the other pit with water. If the time taken to absorb the water is more than an hour, it is good. After the water is absorbed, if there are many cracks in the hole then it is not good.
    • Balidaana (Offertory ritual): After this, the second ritual namely, Balidaana should be done, wherein offerings are made and spirits and demons are requested to leave the site.
    • Hala -Karshana (Levelling of Site): This is followed by the third ritual called Hala-karshana. This is the levelling of the site, wherein the site is levelled and sloped according to Vastu guidelines for Site Slope, so that the site is at a higher level than the road level and the South-West corner is higher than the North-East corner. Vastu also recommends that the whole site be ploughed to rid it of the past and give the soil a new life. If the land contains any Wells or other depressions, they should be filled up and levelled.If it contains any mounds or rocks, they should be levelled.
    • Ankuraa-Roopana (Sowing of seed): The levelling is followed by the fourth ritual named Ankuraa-roopana, wherein seed is sowed as a final offering to the memory of those who have left the place and is also the first offering to the new ploughed ground.
    • Digging of Borewell/Well: The next step is the digging of Well/Borewell, at the point suggested by a Water diviner, preferably in the North-East corner, if there is a point there.

    • Construction of storage shed: After the Well/Borewell, the next step is the construction of the Storage Shed for storing building  materials like Cement, Wood etc and also to be used as a house for a Watchman.
    • Construction of Sump: The next step after the construction of the Sump, is the excavation and construction of an Underground Water tank also known as a Sump,  near the front of the Site to facilitate easy connection from the Municipal Water supply pipes.
    • Compound Wall: After the construction of the Storage Shed and Sump, the next step is the construction of the Compound wall, to protect from the natural elements and from thieves.
    • Shilaanyaasa: It is the foundation laying ceremony. Trenches are dug for the foundation and the stone which is consecrated at the time of the Vastu Pooja, is laid first in the South-West corner of the trenches. The groundbreaking ceremony for the house should only be done during the Uttarayan period, from June 21 through December 20, when the Sun is in the northern hemisphere.

    Construction: One should start the construction of the House only after the above 12 steps have been followed. The Vaastu rituals to be followed before the start of construction have been explained in detail in the next post:

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