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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Once the excavation and laying of Foundation/Column Footings has been done, the construction of the remaining structure of the House can be commenced.  

When constructing a House, one must follow some basic guidelines. 

Here, I have explained the general Vaastu Guidelines for the Construction of a House. Some points to be considered during construction of a house are the following:

  • Setbacks: Open spaces (setbacks) should be left on all four sides of the house.
  • Slope: The open spaces around the house should slope from the South and West sides to the North and East sides and outlets of rainwater should be in North-East or North zones.
  • Building material: Only new building material, bricks, wood and steel should be used when building a new house. 
  • Old, salvaged material: Avoid using old building material, rebarred rods and salvaged material from old /demolished buildings, for the construction. If there is old material available, it is better to sell it and use the money to buy new building material. 
  • Material stored for a long time should  not be used. Iron grills, gates and steel required for the construction should be made and brought to site, only when needed. 

  • Quality of materials: Good quality sand, gravel and cement should be used.
  • Wood: Wood from thorny trees should not be used.
  • Commencement of construction: Construction should be started within 90 days from the completion of the Compound Wall. Construction should not stop once it begins. 
  • Speed of construction work: Workers should not be unnecessarily pushed to speed up their work. 
  • Supervisor: A qualified supervisor should always oversee the construction.
  • Working at night: Work for the day should stop at sunset. 

This post was about the general Vaastu Guidelines to be followed during the construction of the House. Halfway during the Construction, there is a ritual for fixing the Main Entrance door. The importance of the Main door and the Vaastu guidelines for the fixing of the Entrance door have been explained here:

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