Halfway through the construction of the house, there is a Vaastu ritual for fixing the main door.

In Vaastu Shastra, the main entrance door is considered important because every time you enter your house through it, you activate a presiding energy in relationship to the mandala  of the house at that point. So, the main door must be precisely located such that it activates the most beneficial energy.

 Here, I have explained the Vaastu  specifications and guidelines for the locationof the main door of a House.


In Vaastu, the main door can be located facing any direction - no direction is considered bad. But, whichever direction the door is facing, it should be placed in the right position. To figure out where to place a main door, divide the front facade of the house into nine parts. Generally the door should be in the fourth  or the sixth module from the left, when facing the house.

  • A North- facing maindoor: should be in the 4th module from the left when facing the house, that is in the  North-East.
  • A West facing main door: can be located in the 4th module from the left when facing the house, that is  in the North-West and not towards the South-West.
  • A South facing main door: must not be in the center of the building but should be  in the 6th module from the left when facing the house, that is more towards the South-East.
  • An East facing main door: can be located in the 6th module from the left when facing the house, that is more to the North-East. 


  • Opposite house: The main door should not directly face the main door of the opposite house.
  • Abandoned/dilapidated buildings: The main door should not directly face an abandoned, rundown or dilapidated building.
  • Entrance gate: The entrance gate and the main door should be on the same side: It is not considered good if the main door to the house is on the opposite side to the entrance of the property.
  • Sump/septic tank: Avoid having an underground tank, septic tank under the main entrance.

  • Corner of the house: Avoid locating the main entrance door in the corners of the house.
  • Wall opposite main door: Avoid locating a wall directly in front of the entrance door. There should be a door that opens to the next room in line of sight, opposite the main door.
  • Exit door: It is preferable to have two doors, an entrance and an exit door: However, the exit door should be smaller than the entrance door.
  • Size of the main door: The main entrance door should be the largest door of the house.
  • Opening of the main door: The main door should open inside and clockwise.
  • Self-closing locks: Avoid self-closing doors.
  • Creaking door: Avoid creaking doors. Oil the hinges regularly to stop creaking.
  • Threshold: The main door should have a threshold and shoes should not be kept in front of the door, but to the side.
  • Auspicious signs: The main door should have auspicious signs like ‘Om’ and “Swastika’.
  • Wood: Wood of Teak, Honne, Matti are good for the main door. Wood from Peepal, Coconut, flowering trees, fruit bearing trees, thorny trees, fragrant trees, etc should not be used. 
  • Vaastu Pooja: The main entrance door should be fixed on an auspicious day after performing Vaastu Pooja.
This post was about the the importance of the Main door and the Vaastu Guidelines and specifications for fixing the main entrance door.  For Vaastu guidelines on the internal doors and windows, go to:

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