Vastu Shastra, is an ancient Indian science developed thousands of years ago that incorporates Indian Philosophy, maths, geology, geography, religion and sculpture.The fundamental principle of Vastu Shastra is to add 'Value to the Life of man' staying in a building by bringing about harmony between man, nature and the built environment.

Vastu Shastra takes into account, factors influencing a Site, such as topography, roads, structures around, Sun, Earth's magnetic field, cardinal directions and elements of Nature in order to capture the positive effects of nature. Vastu Shastra lays down some guidelines in the design of buildings, by taking advantage of and manipulating the topography of the Site, the natural resources and the surroundings to channel positive energy and prevent imbalance in the building.

As a result, buildings designed as per Vastu Shastra guidelines are believed to vibrate with Universal Positive Energy and create a feeling of 'contentment and well-being' for the occupants. It is for this reason, that today, Vastu has become very popular.

Here I have explained the Vastu guidelines for ' renting out a space'.
  • If the owner of the house and the tenant reside in the same building, then the owner should occupy the topmost floor i.e. the Owner should always occupy a floor above the floor occupied by the tenant.
  • If the owner and the tenant reside on the same floor, then the owner of the house should live in the South or West portion of the house and only the North and East portion can be rented out. Similarly, even an outhouse in the South-West of the house must never be rented out as the tenant may become dominant.
  • Even if only one room is to be rented out, it should be a room in North or East and never in the South or West portion of the house.

This post was about renting of residential spaces. Since Vaastu Shastra is a 'science', it 's principles are based on scientific reasoning and logic. To understand the reasoning and logic of these principles, visit the following link:

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