Once you have met with your Architect, and given your requirements, he will design according to your Site size, budget and site conditions. The main things to look out for in the design solution are:
Whether the minimum, basic study room sizes which are considered comfortable for use and for good furniture arrangement have been maintained. Whether all the planning considerations such as, furniture, clearances, space allowances, doors, windows etc for the Study have been taken into account. Whether the Study location and orientation is according to the cardinal directions, so that it gets the right amount of Sunlight and air.

Here, I have explained the furniture, sizes and clearances in a Study for your reference.

  • Primary Activites: Studying, Writing, Using the Computer, Storage of files, Reading, Studying, Library.
  • Secondary Activities: Used as a Bedroom by a teenager or pre-adolescent child, Storing, Sleeping, Exercising, etc.
  • Size and type of Furniture.
  • Space allowance for Furniture.
  • Clearance and space around the Furniture for movement.
  • Storage space for books, files, clothes, etc
  • The Typical pieces of furniture in a Study and their sizes are listed below:
  • Desk - 2'6" x 5'0", 2'0" x 4'0"
  • Computer Table - 2'0" x 2'3"(smallest), 2'6" x 2'6", 3'0" x 2'6", 3'6" x 2'6" etc.
  • Chair - 1'10" x 1'10"
  • File storage - 1'4" x 2'4"
  • Single Bed - 3'0" x 6'10" (Cramped for an adult but suitable for a child)
  • Twin Bed - 3'3" x 6'10" or 3'4" x 7'0" ( Okay for an adult)
  • Double Bed - 4'6" x 6'10" or 4'6" x 7'0" (Cramped for 2 adults, but okay for 2 children)
  • Dresser or Chest of Drawers - 1'6" x 3', 1'10" x 4'0"
  • Bedside Table - 1'2" x 1'2", 1'6" x 1'6", 2'0" x 2'0"
  • Closet or Wardrobe - Each shutter size is about 1'6" x 7'0". A 2 shutter Wardrobe is the minimum in a single occupancy bedroom and hence is sufficient in a Study which is also used for sleeping.
To ensure adequate space for movement and the convenient use of furniture in the Study, the following minimum clearances must be observed:
  • At least 2" clearance should be allowed between the wall and the furniture.
  • A minimum of 3" should be kept between furniture units.
  • A minimum of 3'0" space to push back the chair from the Desk and pulling out the desk drawers.
  • A minimum of 2'6" for using and arising from a computer table.
  • A minimum of 3'6" in front of the file storage for pulling out drawers.
  • A minimum of 4'0" in front of the desk/computer table to allow walking past a person seated at the desk.
  • At least 3'6" in front of Closet, Dresser/Chest of Drawers to open and use them.
  • A minimum of 2'0" on one side of bed to allow for movement and making bed.
  • At least 1'0" on the least used side of the bed for making the bed. However, in case of single beds, they can be placed against the wall on the least used side.
  • A minimum of 2'6" for movement from the door through the room
  • A 5'0" turning diameter for a wheelchair.
The study is a private space used for studying, reading, writing, working, sleeping, etc. Hence there is a need for privacy, quiet and peace. It should also be well lit and airy and away from the noisy parts of the house and the rooms where guests are entertained. To get some tips on the best location for Study, go to:
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