It is not easy to apply Vaastu Shastra principles to apartments because each floor of an apartment block has many units with common walls and it is difficult to position the rooms and the main door of each unit in the right "Vaastu" directions. 

So, the apartment building is considered as one unit and placed in the Site according to Vastu Shastra principles. 

The Selection of Site for an Apartment is an important consideration since the plot represents a 'fixed form' which radiates positive as well as negative energy depending on its, location, shape, orientation, slope and soil condition. Here, I have explained the Vaastu Guidelines for Selecting the 'right' Site: 

Shape of Site: The Site should be a quadrangle with the N-E and S-W angles 90 degrees or less and the N-W and S-E corners 90 degrees or more. ie; the N-E to S-W axis should be more than the N-W to S-E axis.
  • Road direction:  The road abutting the Site can be in any direction though a road on the North and/or East is preferred. 
  •  Number of Roads: It is ideal to have two roads on two sides of the Site.
  • Gates:  The gates to the Site can be on the North-North-East, East-North East, West-North West or South-South East corners. 
  •  Slope of the Site:  The Site should slope from the South-West (highest corner) to the North-East (lowest corner). 

  • Location of Water source, water bodies:  The water source and other water bodies should be located in the North-East corner.
  • Location of Apartment building: The apartment blocks should be located towards the South-West corner and there should be more open spaces in the North and East corners.
  • Rain water drainage:  should be directed to the North-East corner.
  • Compound wall:  The Compound walls should be low on the Northern and Eastern sides and higher on the Southern and Western sides.
  • Landscape:  Lawns and low height garden plants can be located in the North-East corner but big and tall trees should be positioned on the South and West sides only.

This post was about the importance of 'Site Selection for an Apartment. Read about the Vaastu Shastra guidelines for the design of an apartment building:
Vaastu Shastra is a rational science based on facts, observations and governed by a set of principles. To understand the logic and reasoning of these Vaastu principles, go to Vastu Guidelines | Apartment Site

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