In a Bedroom, the bed is the first thing that catches your attention. In fact, the decor of the bedroom depends upon the type of the bed, its positioning, colour, design and size. You can enhance the decor of your bedroom, by choosing the right size, style and type of the bed.

In addition, a comfortable bed is essential for good sleep and rest. There are a wide variety of beds to choose from as per your personal preferences and the decor of your bedroom. You can get the traditional range of beds, as well as those that fit into the contemporary home decor.

Described here are the various types of beds, listed in alphabetical order:

A bunk bed consists of a set of two or three beds, each one placed on top of the other. It is specially designed with the help of a bed frame. It is best suited for a small bedroom and for kids.
A canopy bed adds the extra style and luxury for an extravagant bedroom. It is also called the 'Four Poster bed'. It is like any other bed with a wood or metal frame, but covered with a canopy drape. Canopy beds are ideal for a romantic bedroom decor.
They are generally sofa beds playing the dual role of a sofa as well as a bed. It consists of a wood or a metal frame with a thin bed with a cover. The frame can be adjusted to use it as a bed in the night and a sofa during the day. Though they bear the complaint of discomfort, they are ideal when you have a guest at home, for a night stay and you have limited accommodation at your disposal.

MURPHY BEDS (Wall Beds or fold away bed)

Murphy bed was founded by William Murphy to tackle space constraint. The bed folds onto the wall during the day and at night unfolds to resemble a bedroom.The idea behind designing such a bed was to make provision for more space in a small room.
As the name implies it is a simple wooden or a metal platform for the mattress to be mounted on it. It is usually a low seated one, sometimes with legs that allow under bed storage.Ideal for people, who are fond of spacious and simple rooms, platform beds are those that comprise of raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface, meant to support just a mattress.


The latest style in the world of furniture has come in the form of the modern sofa bed. A sofa bed, serving multiple purposes, comes across as a very versatile piece of furniture.


Trundle beds are also space saving beds with wheels or casters that simply slide underneath another bed when not put to use.


If you have limited accommodation or you are short of an extra room in your house, then you are in dire need of a Space saving beds. These beds come handy for accommodating overnight  guests as they provide a simple means of making a spare bed available at short notice whilst also being functional during the daytime.

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