NATURAL MATERIALS FOR FLOORS: These include naturally occurring materials like Marble, Granite, Kota, Slate, Wood etc
MARBLE FLOOR: Marble provides elegance, beauty and luxury to a room and therefore is best suited in residences. But  it is avoided in large commercial areas and heavily trafficked areas because it scratches and stains easily.

GRANITE FLOOR: Granite is hard, doesn’t easily scratch and is stain-resistant making it suited for residences and commercial areas. But it is expensive.

KOTA STONE FLOOR: Kota stone is hard and strong, economical and non-slippery when rough, making it useful in exteriors and high traffic areas. When polished, Kota takes a shiny finish and so is suitable for interiors. But it scratches easily.

SLATE FLOOR: Slate is highly durable, water resistant, stain resistant and hence suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.But it is grey and dull.

HARDWOOD FLOOR: Hardwood flooring consists of real wooden blocks that are laid in desired patterns and fixed with hot glue. It is used in homes as it is elegant, charming, long-lasting and provides a warm look. Because of it's acoustic qualities, it is also commonly used in auditoriums, dance halls, gymnasium floors etc. But it is high maintenance and expensive.

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