Vaastu Shastra, a sanskrit word meaning science of architecture and construction is an ancient Indian science developed thousands of years ago by ancient Indian sages. 

Vaastu Shastra has been practiced for centuries and lays down guidelines to create old architectural wonders like temples, palaces, monuments etc. 

Vaastu is derived from the sanskrit word ‘vasathi’ which means ‘comfort’. Comfort is related to the right proportion and positioning of the five elements agni=fire, vaayu=air, vaari=water, prithvi=earth and akash=sky in our surroundings. The complex interplay of the above elements along with the eight directions (E, W, N, S, NE, SE, SW, NW) can profoundly influence the lives of the people living or working in the premises either positively or negatively.

Shastra is the sanskrit word for ‘science’ and stands for the principles and guidelines laid down for the construction of a building. Therefore, Vaastu shastra is the science of arranging the above-mentioned elements in their respective places so that they are in harmony which in turn will make the lives of the inmates happy and peaceful. 

The fundamental principle of Vastu Shastra is to add ‘Value to the Life of man’ staying in a building by bringing about harmony between man, nature and the built environment. So, buildings designed according to Vastu guidelines are believed to vibrate with Universal Positive Energy and create a feeling of ‘contentment and well-being’ for the occupants whereas the improper positioning of rooms with respect to the elements causes imbalance in the equilibrium of the energy in the house.

Vaastu Shastra, has its roots extended in Indian Philosophy, maths, geology, geography, religion and takes into account, factors influencing a Site, such as topography, roads, structures around, Sun’s effects, Earth’s magnetic field, cardinal directions, Earth’s energy fields and elements of Nature.

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