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Friday, July 2, 2010


After the construction of the Compound wall, you can begin the actual construction of the House. It is preferable to construct the compound wall on 3 sides only and keep the front open, to facilitate bringing in of materials to the site. 

The first step in the construction of a House is the Excavation and laying of Foundation. 

Here, I have explained the Vaastu Guidelines for Laying of the Foundation.

  • Before Excavation: Before commencing the excavation for the Building, certain rituals and work should be done. This has been explained step by step in the post, Vastu Guidelines | Before Construction. These steps include:

  1. Determination of the Site Orientation.
  2. Clearing of the Site.
  3. Vastu or Bhoomi Pooja.
  4. Soil Test.
  5. Balidaana (offertory ritual).
  6. Hala-Karshana - Levelling of Site.
  7. Ankura-roopana  (Seed Sowing ritual).
  8. Digging of Well/Borewell.
  9. Construction of Storage Shed.
  10. Construction of Sump (underground Water tank).
  11. Construction of Compound Wall.

  • Commencement of excavation: The Excavation work for the foundation of the Building should start on an auspicious day. 
  • Direction of Excavation: The excavation should start from the North-East corner of the building and end in the South-West corner. Therefore, the direction of excavation should be from N-E to S-E, then S-E to S-W corner. Simultaneously, the excavation should be from N-E to N-W, then N-W to S-W corner. 
  • Shilaanyaasa or the foundation laying ceremony: After the excavation for the foundation has been completed, the stone which was consecrated at the time of the Vastu Pooja, should be  laid in the South-West corner of the excavated trenches. 
  • Foundation work: The foundation work like laying of the bed concrete, building the stone foundation or column footing, etc. should always start from the South-West corner and end in the North-East corner. 
  • Filling of earth: The filling of earth around the foundation should commence from the South-West and end in the North-East. 
  • Demolition: In case of demolition of an old building, the work should start from the North-East corner. The old building materials should not be re-used for the new construction, unless their quality is guaranteed.

This post was about the Excavation and laying of Foundation/Column Footings. Read about the Vaastu Guidelines for the Construction of the remaining structure of the House in:

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