It is recommended in Vaastu Shastra, that certain rituals be performed before and during the Construction of  a House. Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines for rituals before construction based on scientific principles.

Here, I have explained the Vaastu Guidelines for Rituals to be done before the commencement of the Construction. 


According to Vaastu Shastra, there are five rituals or Poojas to be done before the actual construction begins. They have been explained below:
  • VAASTU POOJA: The first ritual to be done before starting the construction, is a Vaastu pooja or Bhoomi Pooja. This should be done at an auspicious time and on an auspicious day, as fixed by your astrologer/priest (normally it is done in the morning). The pooja should be done in the North-East corner of the site. Before doing the pooja, the site should be cleared. Dirt, stones, holes in the ground, and trash should be removed. Thorny bushes should also be uprooted and removed. Note that, Vaastu Pooja is performed thrice during the construction as explained here:
  • At the start: As explained above, just before the start of the Construction.
  • In the middle: The second time is in the middle, at the time of fixing the Main door.
  • At the end: The third time is at the end during the Grahapravesham (House Warming Ceremony).
  • BALIDAANA (Offertory ritual): This is the second ritual to be done before the start of Construction. It is an offertory ritual and offerings are made and spirits and demons are requested to leave the site.
  • HALA-KARSHANA (Levelling of site) : This is the third ritual, wherein the Site is levelled and sloped according Vaastu guidelines for Site Slope, so that the Site is at a higher level than the road level and the South-West corner is higher than the North-East corner. It is also recommended that the whole site be ploughed to rid it of the past and give the soil a new life.
  • ANKURAA-ROOPANA (Sowing of seed): This is the fourth ritual, the sowing of the seed and a final offering to the memory of those who have left the place. It is also the first offering to the new ploughed ground. 
  • SHILAANYAASA (Foundation laying): This is the fifth ritual, the foundation laying ceremony. The groundbreaking ceremony for the house should only be done during the Uttarayan period, when the Sun is in the northern hemisphere, from June 21 through December 20.
This post was about the Rituals to be followed before construction. Read about the next stage in Construction
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