In the previous post you read about the work of an Architect and the kind of work he does. Yet, many people are unsure whether they really need an Architect as there are quacks who offer plans for a very low price. 

In this post you can read about the special advantages that you will have by selecting an Architect for the design and construction of your house. 


Whether a person is dreaming of a new home or planning a commercial development, the key to ensuring that his vision becomes reality with least stress, is to involve an Architect early. An Architect enriches any project in the following ways:

An Architect adds value: A mediocre building built cheaply, is money wasted whereas a building based on a thorough analysis of your needs and design options, by a professional trained to see and realise all the possibilities, is likely to provide satisfaction beyond expectations and add value to it.

He gives form to the client's visionAn Architect involves you in the creative process and uses his extensive training and experience to give form to your vision and then integrate it intelligently into the building site, to produce an attractive project that reflects your aspirations.

His buildings are in harmony with nature: Houses designed by Architects will be sensitive to their surrounding environment and will use the natural elements, topography and exploit the scenic views in the best way possible.

He provides a functional and aesthetic design:  An Architect is concerned with the aesthetic aspect and uses his creativity, his knowledge (Vaastu Shastra), his experience to create spaces and buildings that are functional, visually appealing, comfortable, healthy and a pleasure to be in.

His designs are adaptable:  An Architect ensures the long term use of the buildings he designs, by integrating adaptability into his designs, so that they evolve with new ways of living or working.

He is familiar with local building codes and by laws: and ensures that the project will comply with all the building regulations and neighborhood building zoning laws. He can also help you in getting the necessary Statutory approval and the completion or occupation certificate.

He is a trusted advisor to the client:  An Architect collaborates with you, the Client and serves you as a trusted advisor. He is knowledgeable about good, cost efficient products and helps you in choosing the right Contractor and the best form of Contract.

He manages the budget and time schedule:  An Architect is sensitive to the Client’s budget and time schedule. He manages the project, people and issues, ensuring that the deadlines are met and the costs are controlled

He co-ordinates with other agencies: Though an Architect cannot claim to have the detailed knowledge of specialist building disciplines essential throughout all stages of a project, he knows when to consult and co-ordinate with other professionals (engineers, quantity surveyors, building contractors etc) for their specialist expertise.

He inspects the quality of work:  An Architect inspects and evaluates the building construction works, and ensures that the quality of construction is of a high standard. He makes sure that the Contractor corrects any defects in the work.

He verifies the Contractor's bills:  An Architect verifies and certifies the Contractors Bills for payment, based on the actual progress of work at Site, thus ensuring that the Contractor doesn’t get paid more than for the work he has done, or for defective work.

He handles project management:  An Architect can be entrusted to manage the project from selection of the site to the completion of the building, while you focus on your core operations, thus saving you valuable time and providing you with complete peace of mind.
So tap the knowledge, efficiency, environmental awareness and brilliant design that Architects bring to any project. The sooner you bring an Architect on board, the more fully your vision can be realized – even exceeding your expectations. To get a fair idea of the services and responsibilities expected of an Architect, go to:
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